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How much does printing cost at the library?

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Printing one page in black and white anywhere on campus costs $.05. Printing in color is 100 units ($1) per page. Students can find out how many credits they have by logging into the PaperCut system at: using their netid and password. 

Student technology fees fund a $5.00 per semester (or 500 units) print allowance for all students. Each printed page costs five units. Some colleges will continue to provide additional credits above this allocation, so check with your college to know your total print credits for the semester. Additional printing, beyond your print allowance, will be billed to your U-Bill at a minimum of $1.00/month.

To see the costs for printing in each lab/building - visit the Computer Labs page at: and then search for the specific building and view details of the lab.

Before you print, please consider alternative technologies. You can share documents online through CyBox and Google Docs. Ask your professors about submitting assignments online. Please be aware of how much paper you use, and consider other options to printing.