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ISUCard readers

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ISUCards with CyCASH can be used to pay for copies on Library copy machines. The user's card is swiped" through the card reader. The card reader works by escrowing a dollar from the user's account, thereby authorizing the user to make up to 5 copies at 20 cents apiece. This means the user must maintain a card balance of $1.00 in order to begin making copies. If the card balance falls below $1.00, the user must add value (bringing the balance up to $1.00 or more) in order to start another session of copying. After making 10 copies, the user will need to swipe the card again, to escrow another dollar. If the user pauses for more than a minute between copies, the system will "time out," and the user will need to swipe the card again. When finished copying, the user will need to press the "EXIT" button on the card reader. The card reader will then display the new balance, and close this session. If a user fails to press "EXIT," the system will time out after one minute.