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Darwin Server

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The Darwin Server is used for certain Biology classes. It can not be accessed from within the library. Students may access the Darwin server in 241 SCIENCE II or in the MOLECULAR BIOLOGY computer lab.To access the Darwin server, use a Macintosh computer on the campus network or connected to that network via modem. From Macintosh computers in the Bessey and Science II computer labs, start by double clicking on the Biology Software folder on the desktop.From other networked Macintosh computers, select Chooser from the Apple menu, click on the AppleShare icon, and then click on the Bessey Micro Fac Local AppleTalk zone. Finally, double-click on Darwin in the Select a File Server menu. A window will open, inviting you to connect to Darwin. Click on the Guest button, and then on Connect. Another window opens, asking you to select the items you want to use. There is only one, called Biology Software. Double click on it, or click OK. An icon called Biology Software will appear on your desktop.