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What is the "Budget Book" and where is it located?

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Actually called: Budget for the Fiscal Year - Iowa State University of Science and Technology (Research Help Desk LD2533 I56). Latest years are available at the Research Help Desk.   New volumes tend to arrive around mid-August each year.  Salary information is also available online (but it is not as current as the print version) at:  The University of Iowa Financial Report is available in the Parks Library General Collection at:  LD2553 I6 and University of Northern Iowa Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is at LB1870 Io9f111.  The budget for the State of Iowa is in Budget Report (1925-2009 are available at HJ2053 I8 Io9b).  State of Iowa Fiscal Reports are online at: The federal government budget is available in Budget of the United States Government (HJ2051 .Un3b) with the latest 2 years in REF - Tier 2.