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Access to electronic resources - Iowa Residents

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Anyone can walk into the ISU Library and access research databases - there is no login or ID required.  From off-campus computers, library databases can only be accessed by researchers who have a current ISU ID.   Iowa residents can apply for a State Library Card through the State Library of Iowa, which grants access privileges to a set of electronic resources, described here:  http://www.statelib... read more

Iowa curves

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This is a publication that does not have either 'Iowa' or 'curves' in its title that was actually published as Bulletin (Iowa State University Engineering Research Institute), #155 & #156, 1942, by Robley Winfrey, ISU Call Number: TA1 .Io8b. #155 is called "Depreciation of group properties." #156 is called "Condition percent tables for depreciation of unit and group properties." In 1967, the En... read more

Notary Public

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The Parks Library has a Notary Public available on weekdays - inquire at the Circulation Desk.  Julie Johnston in the Provost's Office (1550 Beardshear) is also available as a Notary Public.  In addition, most banks freely offer a Notary Public service and there are several banks in the Campustown area.... read more


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Available at - First-time users must establish a personal SciFinder account. User registration requires using a valid ISU email address (i.e. ending in Lorrie Pellack can help with questions if needed (4-5569).... read more

Access to electronic resources by non-ISU folks and alumni

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The licensing agreements we have for our electronic resources restrict access to affiliates of Iowa State University (i.e. current students, staff, and faculty). Although we do allow check out privileges to independent/visiting scholars, community members, and alumni, these arrangements must be made in person and the access level does not include licensed, electronic databases. However anyone is w... read more


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Library services use 2 different IDs and passwords - depending on what you are trying to do. If you are trying to place an Interlibrary Loan request - you need your NETID and email password. For everything else, the library uses the last 11 digits of your ISU ID (not just 9 digits) and a library password. Users can set their own library password at: read more

Veterinary Medical Library

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The Veterinary Medical Library is located at 2280 College of Veterinary Medicine.  The phone number is 294-2225. All Iowa State University faculty, staff, students and others who have an ISU card are entitled to borrow materials from the Veterinary Medical Library.  Visitors unaffiliated with the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) are welcome to use this library 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m, Monday-Frid... read more


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The ISU Library has a campus-wide subscription to Scopus and USDA researchers on campus have access to it through their Digitop login. If you are interested in locating cited reference information, we recommend using Web of Science Core Collection or Google Scholar in addition to Scopus (linked on the Article Indexes and Databases page). For details on other library databases that offer cited ref... read more


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The ISU Library  has an excellent collection of foreign language dictionaries, English language dictionaries, and specialized dictionaries (the Oxford English Dictionary for example). Use Quick Search and search using “dictionary” and the language of your choice to pinpoint the location of the dictionaries. An online dictionary site can be found at: read more

Dissertations and Masters' Theses - Free Access Sources

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To search for FREE, open access dissertations and masters theses from schools other than ISU use the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations or Google Scholar. If you already know about a dissertation or thesis and are trying to locate full-text for it - either search for it in Google Scholar or search the granting institution's library website for information about dissertations. ... read more

Room numbers in Parks Library

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see: read more

Proctoring Exams, Testing Services

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ISU Students can request a proctor for an exam by going to the Online Testing Center at There may be fees for this service. The Ames Public Library normally also offers this service but this service has been  temporarily discontinued while the library is under construction.  Other alternatives include contacting staff at the Nevada or Huxley Pub... read more

Alumni information

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At Help & Information Desk: Iowa State University 2010 Alumni Directory LD2542.3 I68x 2010.  Available online from the ISU Alumni Association website to members of the Alumni Association - see: and click on Directory login.  Only contains listings for alumni that are not deceased.... read more

Translation Services

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The ISU Library does not provide translation services for non-English journal articles.  Babelfish ( can provide some limited word-by-word translations although not completely accurate.  Researchers wanting translations should check with the relevant academic department office to see if there is anyone currently in the department who can translate a particular language for... read more

Can I post a flyer or poster in the library?

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The ISU Library has designated the bulletin board, located on the Lower Level, near the Media Center as the area for the posting of University-related materials. Materials for posting must have prior Library approval and all materials must be submitted to the staff in the Media Center. Staff in the Media Center will handle the posting and removal of materials. For the full policy please visit: htt... read more

Bomb (the ISU yearbook)

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Old ISU yearbooks can be found in Quick Search under the title "Bomb" (GEN LD2548 .Io9b). It ceased publication in 1993. Special Collections also has a set.  Some of the yearbooks are available online at: read more

Baby Diaper Changing Table & Lactation Room

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The library has diaper changing tables for parents needing to change diapers or attend to their babies.  Diaper changing stations are available in the men's and women's restrooms on the Lower Level, just north of the central circular staircase.  A Lactation room (61 Parks, Lower Level) is available on a first-come, first-served basis during the Library's open hours.  The key is available through t... read more

ISU Budget and Salary Information

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Merit and P & S salary compensation tables can be found at: - All ISU employees salaries are listed by name in the ISU Budget (REF DESK LD2533 I56). For specific salaries of Regents institution employees, use Salary Book (GEN JK6357 Io9L). The Salary book is in a searchable database online through the Legislative Fiscal Bureau at: read more

Auto Repair Manuals

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The ISU Library does not have current auto repair manuals. The Ames Public Library has some available.  Use the Online Catalog link on their website to see what they have available in hard copy.  Use "service manual*" or "repair manual*" as the search term.  Note that anyone with an Ames Public Library card can also gain access to the online Auto Repair Reference ... read more

Tax forms

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The ISU Library no longer offers paper copies of U.S. Federal and State Income Tax forms. All are now available online. For more information see: Ames Public Library provides free paper copies of Federal tax forms, but no Iowa tax forms.  ... read more

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